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Demo Reel


Running Time: 3:48 min

Color / Sound / Subtitled

Includes clips from The Staircase, Naomi, Ozark, The Resident, The Nice Guys, Triple 9, Sleepy Hollow and Nashville

LEGACY- MOMMA music video

My son, Bryan, wrote this song for my birthday in 2020. He recorded it in 2021 and blessed me (A.I.R. Entertainment) with the opportunity to produce the music video and be in it.

Year of production & release: 2021 

Shot by: Maria Liatis & Michael Gorgolione of Cart Reel Films

Encuéntrate Trailer

Running Time: 1:25

PAEGA Georgia Actors Interview

Running Time: 18 min

Year of Production: 2021 Released 2022

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